Автор: Jose Carlo Mendoza (jcdmendoza89@gmail.com). Создано в рамках проекта SMath. Опубликовано пользователем jcmendoza.



Extends SMath Studio with Euler–Bernoulli Beam Analysis - Finite ELement Method. DOFs = v, θz

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This plug-in can perform beam analysis using Euler-Bernoulli Beam Theory (using dofs v and θz only):

1.) It can draw load diagram, shear, moment, slope and transverse deflection diagrams using 2-D plots. Plots don't need to be scaled when results or beam length changes.

2.) You can add Supports of "PIN", "FIXED", Vertical Spring, and Rotation Spring Supports.

3.) You can add specified transverse deflection and/or rotation

4.) You can define point loads, linearly distributed transverse loads

5.) You can get reactions, internal shear and moments as well as slope and deflection at any location or query maximum/minimum results withing a specified range location.

6.) You can define load cases and solve certain load case or combinations

7.) SectionPropertyAISC function included - based on AISC shape database v15