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Download SMath Studio 0.99.7053

Version 0.99.7053
Beta (released at 4/24/2019)
Author: Andrey Ivashov


File icon msi Windows installer of SMath Studio Size: 2.24 MB
Installation package for computers running Windows OS. Downloads: 1477 of 213484


File icon gz Mono package of SMath Studio Size: 1.37 MB
Application package to use with Mono runtime. Downloads: 249 of 45587



  • Horizontal scrollbar is now invisible when it makes no sense for opened document;
  • Number of search matches and index of currently shown match displayed right on the search panel now.


  • Search improved to look up for matches in Area titles;
  • Backward compatibility improved for Multiple Pages functionality;
  • Application crash happened when search match found in Region which is shown on several pages at the same time fixed for Pages view;
  • Issue when duplicated chinees symbols appeared on input fixed;
  • Minor improvements made for symbolic calculation library.


  • Performance of handling complex functions significantly improved;
  • Symbolic claculation engine observation fixed (exception about string format is not correct);
  • Refactoring.

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