Created by Andrey Ivashov in the scope of SMath project. Published by smath.

Download SMath Studio 0.98.6179

Version 0.98.6179
Stable (released at )
Author: Andrey Ivashov


File icon msi SMath Studio for Windows Size: 2.1 MB
Installation package for computers running Windows OS. Downloads: 59219 of 1384828


File icon gz SMath Studio for Mono Size: 1.23 MB
Application package to use with Mono runtime. Downloads: 7306 of 302510



  • SS-2309: Stack/Augment improved to accept numbers/strings in any position (systems are managed as scalar numbers);
  • Application loading speed improved;
  • Behaviors to work with collapsed Areas significantly improved on Copy/Paste/Ctrl+drag;
  • SMath Viewer improved to accept user input of exponential notation and imaginary numbers;
  • All Regions based on RegionHolder improved to be correctly shown on focus when they are not fully visible on the screen;
  • Back-compatibility of col/row functions calculation improved;
  • Loading screen is now shown on top of other windows;
  • Interface translations updated.


  • SS-2413: Situations with displacing Regions on Worksheet open fixed;
  • SS-2407: UnitsOf function improved to fix negative results and support sys(..) as an argument;
  • Numeric power operation improved to handle extremely small numbers correctly;
  • Delete/Cut operations fixed when working with Collapsed Areas;
  • Fixed error happened in worksheet history in some cases (it was impossible to restore deleted region with ReDo);
  • Page Counter tooltip now shown over all other visible UI elements;
  • Silent mode: exceptions happened on several configurations fixed;
  • Cloud: Fixed issues appears on using Backspace/Delete/Enter to move Regions under cursor up or down on the Worksheet;
  • Refactoring.