Created by SMath LLC in the scope of SMath project. Published by smath.

Download SMath Studio 0.98.6081

Version 0.98.6081
Beta (released at 8/25/2016)
Author: Andrey Ivashov


File icon msi Windows installer of SMath Studio Size: 2.07 MB
Installation package for computers running Windows OS. Downloads: 867 of 213485


File icon gz Mono package of SMath Studio Size: 1.2 MB
Application package to use with Mono runtime. Downloads: 248 of 45588



  • Requirement to create system restore point removed from MSI installer;
  • Application checks plug-ins before loading for a minimum supported versions (even without Internet connection);
  • Splash screen added to show loading status (status of plug-ins loading);
  • Added ability to delete plug-ins which causes errors on SMath Studio load.


  • Fixed issues when invalidation may not occur in some cases after file opened;
  • Automatic insertion of required parenthesis improved for MathRegion (range function support improved and second operand of minus operator + minor refactoring).

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