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Download SMath Studio 0.98.6046

Version 0.98.6046)
Beta (released at 7/21/2016)
Author: Andrey Ivashov


File icon msi Windows installer of SMath Studio Size: 2 MiB
Installation package for computers running Windows OS. Downloads: 976 of 235504


File icon gz Mono package of SMath Studio Size: 1 MiB
Application package to use with Mono runtime. Downloads: 255 of 57643



  • Performance significantly increased when opening worksheets (invisible Regions do not call for invalidation of the worksheet anymore);
  • Pause button is available on main toolbar now - it allows to pause calculation and see an exact place where calculation is in progress;
  • Plug-in name included into the Tooltip for functions/variables/operators;
  • Arctan2() function implemented (see known issues below).


  • Updating of Scrollbar Bookmarks fixed on region Delete and Undo/Redo operations;
  • SS-2325: Scrollbars related multithreading issue appeared sometimes when working with scrollbars fixed.


  • Initial implementation of the built-in debugging tools completed (set breakpoint [Ctrl+F8 or context menu] and recalculate a worksheet).

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