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Version 0.97.5890)
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Author: Andrey Ivashov


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  • The following functions are now support units: round(...) and trunc(...);
  • SS-2284: Support for +-infinity as an argument implemented for sinh, cosh, tanh and coth;
  • SS-53, SS-2261: The following quantity units implemented: %, ‰, ppm and ppb;
  • Calculation performance improved;
  • Languages updated;
  • Refactoring.


  • SS-2292: Symbolic calculation error of augment(...) and submatrix(...) functions fixed (happened sometimes when matrices in arguments were negative);
  • SS-2293: Fixed issue with handling of absolute variables/functions on the worksheet contains errors;
  • SS-2287: Glitches on Math equations drawings in some cases fixed;
  • SS-2288: Functions wfile(..) and rfile(..) fixed to always use standard decimal symbol and arguments separator - this allows to use the same files using SMath Studio with different locale settings.

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