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Version 0.97.5329
Stable (released at )
Author: Andrey Ivashov


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Application package to use with Mono runtime. Downloads: 582 of 292731



  • Change units for C, F and Re non-linear units added to package;
  • Built-in variable added: lastError;
  • Support for beta releases of extensions implemented;
  • Donation dialog reworked;
  • Worksheet splitter implemented (vertical and horizontal);
  • ViewerFileType plug-in updated to support full version (BETA);
  • Undo/Redo functionality improved to be more stable;
  • Delete and move operations improved for Collapsed Areas;
  • Behavior of combobox for changing font size improved;
  • Unit Package updated (new units added);
  • Insert Unit dialog improved to allow displaying properties as dimensions if defined;
  • Silent mode of the application improved;
  • Monospace font applied to Output window;
  • Key presses handling improved;
  • SS-39: Added "Default" item added to Fractions options for MathRegion;
  • SS-52: Support for sech() and csch() functions added to differentiation engine;
  • SS-54: Description text is always black now;
  • Functions palette updated to insert diff() function with two arguments;
  • Teamwork Session feature disabled (temporarily);
  • Stability improved;
  • Language files updated;
  • Refactoring and optimizations.


  • SS-2: Fixed issues with lost regions under bottom Area part after save to SM/SMZ file;
  • SS-10: Critical simplification issue fixed (happens sometimes on complex math expressions);
  • SS-36: Fixed issue when changes are lost if a link is followed;
  • SS-37: File name update in window title upon jumping to link target;
  • SS-40: Approach to handle invisible empty text subscripts corrected;
  • SS-89: Displaying of incorrect error message fixed for expressions with result shown right after definition;
  • SS-126: Fixed inserted snippet layout when collapsed Area Region exists inside Snippet;
  • SS-133: Description text updated for overridden definitions;
  • SS-141: Critical error on Shift+Right Arrow at the end of the TextRegion;
  • SS-143: Freezing of the application fixed on some copy/paste operations;
  • SS-151: Printing: layout fixed when Page Setup is non-standard;
  • SS-156: Fixed zoom in reference books;
  • SS-160: Wrong results with optimization None fixed;
  • SS-171: Collapsed Area related issues are fixed;
  • SS-173: Wrong display of units with subscript if comma is set as decimal separator;
  • Long time Plot calculation fixed when equation for Plot contains empty placeholders;
  • Crashing on application start fixed in case of incorrect response from server on check for update operation;
  • Simplification error fixed (incorrect sign of the operand appeared sometimes for complex expressions);
  • Fixed removing of Regions based on RegionHolder when placeholder is empty;
  • Fixed issue when useless brackets appeared between operands;
  • Fixed issues appears on Custom Regions context menu actions usages (evaluation miss and others);
  • Incorrect MDI icon fixed on page creation;
  • Viewer fixed to support empty Title and/or Description of worksheet (using worksheet properties);
  • Fixed issues with Area collapse/expand operations.

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