Created by SMath LLC in the scope of SMath project. Published by smath.

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Version 0.98.5935)
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Author: Andrey Ivashov


File icon msi Windows installer of SMath Studio Size: 2 MiB
Installation package for computers running Windows OS. Downloads: 37262 of 1477149


File icon gz Mono package of SMath Studio Size: 1 MiB
Application package to use with Mono runtime. Downloads: 4609 of 296499



  • Calculation performance significantly improved (see timings in the following screenshots);
  • SS-92: Search functionality implemented;
  • Rich scrollbars implemented to display positions of current cursor, all the errors on the worksheet and search results (with navigation to exact location on click);
  • Progress of the following operations is now shown in status bar: file opening, file saving, worksheet calculation;
  • Performance of parsing large SMath Studio files significantly improved;
  • Performance of worksheet save operation significantly improved;
  • Print item enabled for SMath Studio files in Windows Explorer context menu;
  • Function vectorize(..) implemented;
  • UnitsOf(..) function implemented;
  • Function appVersion(..) implemented;
  • For Boolean AND and OR operators only required parts are calculated. Unnecessary calculations are skipped now;
  • Comparing of symbolic equations improved;
  • MSI installer is now signed by SHA256 code certificate;
  • All assemblies in package are dual-signed;
  • Logic of handling plug-ins to evaluate expressions completely redesigned (it became much more efficient);
  • List of loaded plug-ins sorted alphabetically into Extensions Manager;
  • SS-154: Square brackets is now used for displaying matrices;
  • SS-125: Inserting Chinese symbols fixed;
  • SS-2291: Displaying of large matrices in equation output improved;
  • Function time(..) documented and updated to be visible in functions list;
  • Function findrows(..) improved to work with numeric evaluations inside;
  • Performance of Examples view load in Extensions Manager significantly improved;
  • Ability to print worksheet using command prompt implemented (-silent -p default;
  • Command prompt interface extended to allow worksheet testing (-silent -t;
  • Numeric library improved to avoid displaying unnecessary "1" in expressions like "1*'unit";
  • Worksheet recalculation now starts on toggling of Disable/Enable evaluation context menu item;
  • Performance for visualization of large expressions increased;
  • Memory usage improvements when working with images on worksheet open/save;
  • Performance improved for numeric library;
  • Errors displaying improved (empty errors fixed, error visibility for focused region corrected for some cases);
  • Shell context menu items localized;
  • SMath Studio Desktop Live menu item (Help main menu) renamed to SMath Studio in the Cloud;
  • Automatic release date setting on build implemented (no incorrect dates in About dialog anymore);
  • Interface translations updated;
  • Refactoring.


  • Source worksheets opened from Examples dialog cannot be overridden by Save button anymore;
  • Fixed issue regarding limited number of matrix/vector cells (maximum was at 32765) for SM/SMZ files;
  • SS-1225: Fixed crash on worksheet saving when background image is set;
  • SS-2297: Numeric comparing of matrices with different dimensions fixed (issue happened when values in both matrices were the same but dimensions differ);
  • Multi-threading issue appears sometimes on worksheet save fixed (for large worksheets with background set);
  • Symbolic engine error fixed (because of specific conditions internal static parameters were changed, which caused further calculations to fail);
  • Keystroke fixed for adding Separator region;
  • Fixed issue appears when two or more plug-ins handles the same Term;
  • SS-112: Fixed issues when it was impossible to open file because of incorrect color specified in file content;
  • Registering file in Recent menu on save fixed;
  • Displaying file as changed (star in window title) fixed in several cases;
  • Multi-threading issue fixed for environments with slow performance when displaying results of calculations;
  • Critical issues fixed happens for some types of evaluation plug-ins;
  • SS-2307: Situations when functions cannot be overridden fixed;
  • SS-27: Fixed issue with missing brackets if units of complex results are manually specified;
  • Artefacts fixed for functions implemented in plug-ins in cases when Display input data set to false for region using context menu;
  • Fixed multi-threading related issue when error was shown instead of the calculation result;
  • SS-51: Issue partially handled: behavior is correct in case of work with one collapsed area - space will be adjusted automatically;
  • SS-2305: Situations when it was impossible to paste part of the equation into another equation fixed;
  • SS-2280: Graphic glitch in Extension Manager form on plugin uninstall fixed;
  • SS-2298: Exception on pressing Open button from Donate dialog fixed;
  • SS-206: Unexpected worksheet scrolling on pressing Delete/Backspace when cursor is in the right part of equation fixed;
  • SS-35: Missing tooltips from side panel fixed;
  • SS-2302: Function sum(..) caused application crash with big matrices;
  • Function trace(..) output switched to use standard delimiters instead of specific for user;
  • Displaying of error restored on region focus lost after right part of definition is not defined;
  • Situations when parenthesis was hidden in answer fixed.

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