Created by SMath LLC in the scope of SMath project. Published by smath.

Frequently asked questions about SMath Studio

Q: How can I add subscript below variable name?
A: Just use Decimal Symbol (usually . or ,) in variable name to add a subscript.
Q: How can I type Greek characters using keyboard?
A: There is a hot-key supported by SMath Studio: Ctrl+G - it converts Latin letters to the Greek symbols (f.e. h to Eta or p to Pi) and vice versa.
Q: What are the key features of SMath Studio against to other math software?
A: There are several points where SMath Studio is remarkable:
  • Full multi-lingual support (including interface language, translated worksheets content/meta-data, localized units of measurements and functions names);
  • Tens of open-source plug-ins created by third-party developers;
  • Natively supports portable mode and distributed as a small size installation package;
  • It is cross-platform software (can be executed on Windows/Linux/MacOs and available in Cloud to be used via any modern web-browser);
  • It provides feature to save worksheet as an executable (*.exe), so anyone can create an application simply using math expressions and other available controls;
Q: Is it possible to create portable package of the application?
A: Yes, you can do it easily by yourself. Just download *.tar.gz archive and extract files to a separate folder. Manually create empty file with a name portable and extension version (so, you will have empty portable.version file) next to other files extracted from *.tag.gz archive. That is it! You can copy this folder to the USB stick and run SMath Studio directly from there.
Q: Can I completely uninstall SMath Studio?
A: Please use MSI installer to install, repair or uninstall the application. If you decide to uninstall SMath Studio the installer will completely remove all application files from Program Files (or Program Files (x86)) directory. Note: some user specific files will still be located on your hard drive in order to restore all the settings in case SMath Studio will be installed on the same machine later. If you need to remove these files also you need to delete the following folder: %APPDATA%\SMath (fill this into Explorer address bar and press Enter keyboard button).
Q: Why some of my Mathcad files cannot be opened in SMath Studio or can be opened only partially?
A: SMath Studio and Mathcad are two different applications which have their own unique features. There is no goal to support files of any separate applications in SMath Studio as there are too many incompatibilities between programs and it is actually too dangerous to perform such conversions automatically. Yes, SMath Studio has a built-in limited support for XMCD files, but it was developed just to simplify migration process for Mathcad users a bit. XMCD plug-in for SMath Studio is an open-source project, so anyone can do some improvements if required.
Q: Is it possible to automate operations in SMath Studio using Command Prompt?
A: Yes, SMath Studio supports command line. Use the following syntax to start: SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent.