Bug SS-4681
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Sheet won't open

Created by JR33 on 4/5/2022 2:56 PM Last Updated by JR33 on 4/5/2022 2:56 PM
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Hi, I'm not a heavy user of Smath but love it, and respect the effort that went into its development. I previously worked with Mathcad but now rely on Excel for calculations.

I would love to spend more time with Smath, but every time I try to 'go pro' something breaks, and given that I am 'just' an engineer, and my calcs are ultra simple, this is not ideal.

My current issue kind of emphasises this point: I worked on the sheet for a little while with simple arithmetic, and for some reason it crashed - but the kicker is that the sheet *won't reopen again*.

So I really hope you can fix this sheet (if you can't, it is not a big loss) - but mostly fix the underlying bug.

I wish I could remember exactly what I was doing when it crashed, but it was nothing special - just writing an equation, setting units, etc.


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