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RadioButtons: Change Fonts and Select input/ouptut columns

Created by ioan92 on 4/5/2014 10:19 PM Last Updated by Davide on 4/15/2014 3:44 PM
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Hi Davide,


Please, could you include in this very useful plugin a font selector.


Thank you,




    ioan92 (Saturday, April 12, 2014 10:10 PM) #

Right Davide, of course it is reasonable to avoid a "steam engine", some adjustements  could be done outside RB control, using as you said transpose but also submatrix commands and coordinating indices.


Thanks again, and Best Regards,



    Davide (Saturday, April 12, 2014 3:08 AM) #

In progress (all)....


As for the use of lines instead of columns, I've investigated the task; from my point of view it's better to let the user to transpose the data source before using the RB control.

In the back-end I can transpose the input matrix (faster way) but this may cause collateral effects (nested transpositions made by the SMath engine, f.e.) or I can make two ways to analyze the input data, but this in the long-term could be harder to maintain.


Added to this task:

- Font color will be driven by the SMath toolbar;

- Input data (except text)  will be rendered using MathRegions.

    ioan92 (Wednesday, April 9, 2014 2:19 PM) #

Hi Davide,


If I may suggest an additional  feature for the future developpement of  this very useful plugin, it is:


         to use a line or a column (not necessarely first ones) of the table for RadioButtons labels - according the user preference - and to get the  column / line  number for the selected button


Thanks a lot and Best Regards,